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Welcome to MachineTrader™

July 4, 2024

MachineTrader™ was designed to serve the needs of serious traders who want to automate trading ideas, but who lack the full stack programming skills to build their own platforms. It is also useful for experienced programmers, who will find that the MachineTrader™ platform is an extremely efficient vehicle for developing and testing new algorithms (and sharing them with others - if they so choose!).  

MachineTrader™ was built using a visual-programming, flow-based development tool, which allows users to program without typing a language.  The JavaScript code is written automatically as you drag and drop the various nodes available in the palette. You can also modify or create new functions with your own JavaScript code.  Once your algorithms are in “flow” form, they can be exported as JSON files, making them easy to reuse, or to import/export for sharing.

Once you subscribe to a Trader subscription plan, you will receive your own, exclusive cloud instance using Kubernetes, which expands according to your unique requirements.  Any algorithmic strategies you develop belong to you, and are not shared with MachineTrader™.  We truly have no way of seeing what you are doing, so it's easy for us to guarantee privacy. You can modify your MachineTrader™ instance at will. Instead of asking us for new features, you can simply build your own!

We know how critical accurate, reliable, real-time data is to your trading.  MachineTrader™ provides prebuilt widgets that import time series data from trusted data suppliers like Polygon.io and Alpaca Markets, allowing trading for all stocks and cryptos in one-second or one-minute increments.  Data is displayed with powerful charting features, which include popular technical indicators.

The default installation also provides financial reports and company information for all publicly traded, US-based companies, access to economic data from FRED, as well as NLP from our proprietary news feeds from 80+ business publications.  Of course, you can add other alternative data by configuring your instance.

In order to start trading, you will need a trading account with our partner, broker-dealer, Alpaca Markets. To learn more, attend one of our free Zoom training sessions: https://www.machinetrader.io/learn-articles/signup-for-free-machinetrader-training.