Learn More About Machine Trader History

MachineTrader.io Inc was created by its three founders -- Dan Savage, Ben Sanders, and Jerzy Pawlowski -- in late 2022 in order to provide non-programmers (and programmers as well) a low-code/no-code platform for trading and automating trading of financial assets. Dan and Ben have been working together for nearly 20 years, creating a business-to-business search company in 2005 (Sourcetool.com), and later a New York City-based digital marketing agency, Resolute Digital, which they sold to Interpublic Group (IPG) in late 2018.

While at Resolute, Dan and Ben pioneered various automated digital marketing tools which allowed their clients to maintain massive Google AdWords campaigns. Frequently, the campaigns used millions of targeted keywords – all optimized with real-time analytics.  As digital marketing tools grew in complexity, they began to adopt machine learning tools, using the data backbone of Google Analytics 360 and Google BigQuery to provide their clients with a competitive edge.

With MachineTrader™, the pair applied their skills  in machine learning and predictive analytics to the financial markets. Many of the vast data sets required to populate the meaningful “features” necessary to drive machine learning programs have yet to be built, let alone be offered as commercially viable products. While a handful of companies have begun to offer subscriptions to digital feeds offering digital sentiment analysis, powerful prediction programs will require hundreds (even thousands) of digital inputs, with data streaming changing by the second. MachineTrader™ currently uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) technologies and applied Sentiment Analysis to transform raw text data and spoken words to digital “features.”  Those “features” can be further processed by machine learning programs into predictive algorithms.  

The third founder, Jerzy Pawlowski, has enjoyed a successful career as a "Quant," after having completed his PhD in Physics at University of Buffalo. He has worked at a variety of Wall Street firms, including a six-year stint at New York's Millennium Management, as a portfolio manager of a credit derivative fund. After meeting at a trading show in early 2020, Jerzy joined PTS, and has helped Ben and Dan develop MachineTrader™ to allow ordinary investors to manage and automate their investments just like the professional trading firms do.