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MachineTrader™ Provides Free Trading Software for University Investment Clubs
April 19, 2024

MachineTrader™ Provides Free Trading Software for University Investment Clubs

NEW YORK, April 11, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- MachineTrader™ has launched a pilot program allowing college investment clubs to use MachineTrader's sophisticated trading software free of charge during the school term, which will allow young traders to learn to create systematic trading programs without writing code.

MachineTrader™ has debuted the program at California State University, Chico under the guidance of Jaycob A. Arbogast, Director of the Center for Excellence in Finance, where he supervises the Student Managed Investment Fund. The fund manages a real money portfolio and utilizes the university's state-of-the-art FinTech Lab. Arbogast said, "We are excited that our students have the opportunity to learn to use this new tool. They understand that systematic trading allows them to avoid the emotional pitfalls that often defeat human traders."

With MachineTrader™, students can create and test trading algorithms rather than make manual trading decisions. Previously, traders looking to automate trading strategies would have to learn a programming language like Python or C++ and tediously write code to connect their software to a broker-dealer's API.

The MachineTrader™ platform offers users the ability to create flow-based processes using a visual development interface, enhanced with Open AI, allowing users to create complex programs without writing code. Running on JavaScript, logic is written automatically as users drag, drop, customize, and connect various "nodes," which are color-coded by function. Once the algorithms are in "flow" form, they can be exported as JSON files, making them easy to reuse or to import/export for sharing.

MachineTrader™ has provided each Student Managed Investment Fund member with their own, proprietary, scalable AWS cloud instance, which has a dedicated IP address and eliminates the need for costly, potentially unreliable hardware. Any algorithmic strategy the user develops remains completely proprietary unless they choose to share it.

The platform also provides low latency trading aggregates (open, close, high, low) for all stocks and cryptos in one-second or one-minute increments. Data is displayed with powerful charting features, including popular technical indicators.

Currently, trades are executed through the registered broker-dealer Alpaca Markets, although the number of connected broker-dealers is expected to grow.

Subscriptions are offered at $49.95/month after a 30-day free trial, and include a personal encrypted AWS application instance, asset and company financial information, and sentiment-scored news from 80+ publications. A free demo site can be accessed at  MachineTrader demo (login: demo  password: 110123). Inc is based in New York City.


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