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MachineTrader™ Launches Software for Designing Technical Indicators
June 27, 2024

MachineTrader™ Launches Software for Designing Technical Indicators

NEW YORK, June 14, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- MachineTrader™ has released new software that calculates popular trading signals frequently used by day traders to determine optimal times to buy or sell an investment asset. The initial batch of software provides signals at one-second and one-minute intervals for the Relative Strength Index (RSI), Exponential Moving Average (EMA), and Bollinger Bands®.

MachineTrader™ is designed to serve the needs of serious traders who want to automate trading ideas, but who lack the full stack programming skills to build their own platforms. Every subscriber receives their own proprietary, scalable, cloud instance with a dedicated IP address, eliminating the need for costly, potentially unreliable hardware.

The new technical indicators are prewritten blocks of JavaScript that can be downloaded and inserted into any user's trading program in seconds. RSI, for example, is a momentum oscillator that measures the speed and change of price movements. It ranges from 0 to 100 and is typically used to identify overbought or oversold conditions in a security. A reading above 70 indicates that a security may be overbought, while a reading below 30 indicates that it may be oversold.

MachineTrader™ is the first software to offer indicators like RSI in an easy-to-use, low-code, no-code platform in one-second increments, which allows non-professional traders to create strategies that buy and sell equities thousands of times a day. The trading instructions can be connected to an online broker. MachineTrader™ is integrated with the registered broker-dealer Alpaca Markets, which allows unlimited commission-free trading through its API.

The initial technical indicator offering includes RSI, MACD, and Bollinger Bands, and MachineTrader™ plans to have a dozen or more popular indicators available in the coming months.

The MachineTrader™ platform offers users the ability to create flow-based processes using a visual development interface, enhanced with Open AI, allowing users to create complex programs without writing code. Running on JavaScript, logic is written automatically as users drag, drop, customize, and connect various "nodes," which are color-coded by function. Once the algorithms are in "flow" form, they can be exported as JSON files, making them easy to reuse or to import/export for sharing.

Any algorithmic strategy the user develops remains completely proprietary unless they choose to share it. MachineTrader™ provides low latency trading aggregates (open, close, high, low) for all stocks and cryptos in one-second or one-minute increments. Data is displayed with powerful charting features, including popular technical indicators.

Subscriptions are offered at $49.95/month after a 30-day free trial, and include a personal encrypted AWS application instance, asset and company financial information, and sentiment-scored news from 80+ publications. A free demo site can be accessed at MachineTrader demo (login: demo password: 110123). Inc is based in New York City.


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