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MachineTrader™ launches low-code, no-code software for algorithmic trading of financial assets
April 19, 2024

MachineTrader™ launches low-code, no-code software for algorithmic trading of financial assets

NEW YORK, July 27, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- MachineTrader has launched a beta version of its software which allows traders to automate their investment strategies without the need to write code or hire programmers to build a custom trading platform.

The MachineTrader platform offers users the ability to create flow-based processes using our visual development interface, enhanced with Open AI, allowing users to create complex programs without writing code. Once your algorithms are in flow form, they can be exported as JavaScript JSON files, making them easy to reuse or to import/export for sharing.

MachineTrader was designed to serve the needs of serious traders who want to automate trading ideas, but who lack the full stack programming skills to build their own platforms. It is also useful for experienced programmers who usually find that the MachineTrader platform is an extremely efficient vehicle for developing and testing new algorithms and sharing them with others - if they so choose!

Every subscriber receives their own, proprietary AWS cloud instance with a dedicated IP address and encrypted hard drive. Any algorithmic strategy the user develops remains completely proprietary unless they choose to share it. MachineTrader provides low latency trading aggregates (open, close, high, low) for all stocks and cryptos in one-second or one-minute increments. Data is displayed with powerful charting features, including popular technical indicators.

The default installation also provides financial reports and company information for all publicly traded, US-based companies, access to economic data from FRED, as well as MachineTrader's proprietary NLP and sentiment scoring of news feeds from 80+ business publications.

Currently, trades are executed through the registered broker-dealer Alpaca Markets, although the number of connected broker/dealers is expected to grow over time.

MachineTrader subscriptions are offered at $99/month after a 30-day free trial, and include a personal encrypted AWS application instance, high-frequency data, asset and company financial information, and news. A free demo site can be accessed at  MachineTrader demo (login: demo password: demo). Inc is based in New York City.


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